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There is more to a balance transfer credit card than meets the eye. If you want to achieve a high level of success, it’s important that you take all the right steps at the right time.

While everyone is sure to proceed in the manner they best see fit, there are three keys to making a successful balance transfer. Here they are:

  • Have a clear idea of which balances to transfer to your new credit card. This is easy enough if you only have one credit card, but some people have balances spread across two or more. Will you transfer all your debt to your balance transfer credit card? Just some of it? Have a reason for the decision you make.
  • Choose the right offer. There are hundreds upon hundreds of balance transfer credit cards to choose from. You need to choose the right offer based on what you’re trying to accomplish, as well as what you qualify for. Focus on details such as the length of the zero percent introductory period, the balance transfer fee, and anything else that will impact you along the way.
  • Get ready to tackle your debt as quickly as possible. The primary benefit of a balance transfer credit card is the ability to carry debt for a predetermined period of time, all without being charged interest. So, if you have 18 months interest free, you need to do whatever it takes to eliminate your balance during that period. If you don’t, you’ll once again face an interest charge on the remaining balance.

With these three keys guiding you, you now have what it takes to make a successful balance transfer. Other details are sure to arise along the way, but these are among the most important.

Have you made a balance transfer in the past? What did you like and dislike? Do you have any advice? Share your personal experiences and thoughts in the comment section below.

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