Citibank credit cards

Citi balance transfers feature low balance transfer rates for extended periods. Citi cards normally require good credit ratings, however with numerous credit card options – you may be in luck if your score isn’t as healthy as you prefer.

If you are interested in a balance transfer credit card, Citi is a company that might be a great solution. Transfer high interest credit card debt to a Citi card with a 0% introductory rate.

Getting started is as simple as choosing a Citi balance transfer credit card, learning more about the terms and conditions, and deciding if this could benefit you. Answer the following questions:

  • Which Citi balance transfer credit card best suits your needs? Consider cash back, points and miles.
  • How long does the introductory rate last?
  • What is the rate once the introductory rate expires? This is especially important if you plan on carrying a balance after a promotional rate is expired.

Two Ways to Get Started
If everything checks out, there are two ways to start the process:

  • Request an application via mail.
  • Take the first step online.

Regardless of the process, there are two steps you need to take to complete the balance transfer:

  • Make note of your current balance and account number.
  • Contact Citi customer service online or via phone.

Do you have questions or concerns? In this case, don’t complete your balance transfer just yet. Instead, talk to a live representative via phone who can walk you through the process.

What are the Terms and Conditions?
It’s important to fully understand the terms and conditions of the offer, including but not limited to:

  • Interest rate.
  • Fee structure.
  • Length of the introductory rate.
  • Reasons why Citi could cancel your rate, such as making a late payment.

Why Choose a Citi Balance Transfer
While there are many credit card companies that offer balance transfer deals, Citi is one of our favorites for these reasons:

  • Industry leading card offers. They are well diversified.
  • Variety of balance transfer offers. Different lengths, in a combination of rewards.
  • Simple online system for completing the transfer, as well as balance transfer checks that may be provided.

Credit Cards Similar to Citi Card Balance Transfers

With a variety of balance transfer credit cards, top notch customer service, and an easy process, Citi is certainly a company you should consider.

Citi credit cards normally requires good to excellent credit ratings, and is accepted globally.

Having trouble finding a balance transfer card? We would love to show you more balance transfers, however banks control which cards are allowed on certain pages. We recommend that you view balance transfer credit cards at CreditWeb for more options.